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1965-1972: Mud Road Sugar House original building was built. (Vern Sr. & Vern III)
1976: The Kitchen & Storage was added on.
1979: The Wood Shed was built.
1991: The Front Addition was built. (Vern Jr., Vern III, Vern IV (DJ), Chad & Uncle Ron)
​2001: R.O. Room was built along with a remodel of the Kitchen & Storage. (Vern Jr., Vern III, Vern IV (DJ) & Chad).
2006: We added a brand new Filter Press
​2008: Invested in a shiny new Evaporator & DJ took the Main Boiler status!
2012: Invested in the brand new Rotary Vein Vacuum System. (Vern III, Vern IV (DJ) Erica Hime & Brad Gillian)
​ 2013: We added a R.O. Expansion Kit.

WELCOME TO Mud Road Sugar House

About Us

Five generations, Mud Road Sugar House has grown from an 800 tap operation to a 2500 tap operation and is still family owned and operated by Vern Duesler III, and sons, D.J. wife Erica, & son Bradyn and Chad with wife, Lindsay.

In early fall, a mixture of hard and soft wood is cut, split and piled into the woodshed. Starting in February you can usually find us in the sugar bush repairing the maple tubing. We traditionally start tapping the sugar maples the beginning of the third week of February. 

The sap is then brought back to the sugar house and processed through a Reverse Osmosis (R/O) machine. This process takes out up to 75% of the water in the sap before it is sterilized with an ultraviolet light and then fed into 3' x 10' wood burning evaporator which uses a forced air system to help speed up the boiling process. After hours of boiling, the sap turns into a golden brown liquid called Maple Syrup.

The syrup is then filteres into a filter press, which purifies the maple syrup. From there, the syrup is ready to be bottled at a temperature of 190 degrees ensuring that the containers will properly seal for freshness.

Experience the "sweetness of nature" with the entire family.

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Tours available during the sugaring season.